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Look What The Vets Have Found Inside A Mare

For those who did not know, when a horse colics, its life is in danger. It’s a life threatening situation and that’s why you should react quick. The horse from this story had a lot of luck, though she was giving a signs of distress, nobody thought of colics. The foal and the mare were saved thanks to her handlers.


As Tina white shared on her Facebook page, they’ve noticed that the mare and the foal were in serious trouble. It was obvious that she was colicing, so they hauled her to A&M. They’ve only hoped that she doesn’t kill the baby while they were driving her in the trailer. Thanks to their quick reaction, the mare had a chance for surgery. The mare had a full twist after she was in surgery for an hour.

According to Tina’s story the mare pawed day and night. The ulcer meds that they’ve gave it to her helped her for some time, but they were worried about her foaling. That’s why they’ve watched over her and that helped the most, because the problem was caught right on time. She was a perfect candidate for surgery, by the time they took her to the A&M. In the case with this mare, there was a huge underlying cause, the vets found an endolith, common for horses which are fed alfalfa and hard water.

As the vets said, in a week or two, the mare would have a total blockage and that would killed her for sure! These days, the mare is doing great along with her baby foal.

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