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Cruel Horse Training Methods Should Not Be Tolerated – That’s Horse Abuse!

Unfortunately, people don’t really understand what is horse abuse or animal cruelty. According to most of them, we have a case of horse abuse, only if the horse has been beaten or pushed to its limits to do hard tasks. But those are only few forms of horse abuse. Have you ever thought about the methods that horse trainers use in order to prepare this animals for the upcoming competition?! We bet most of you never looked from that perspective, so we must make a clearer view when it come to horse abuse.

Horses are loyal partners, good learners and faithful friends. They are powerful and skillful, and have shown extraordinary results because of their hard efforts to give their best. But what’s hiding behind all that?! Nobody seems to have enough courage to speak up about the terror they’ve been going through during their preparations.

The most important things in each performance is that the horse does everything because he is willing to do that and because he loves what he does. Riders want to win the best result and to be safe on their horse, and in order to achieve that, they must do what’s in the best interest of the horse. So, the training methods must be good for the horse and should not cause any kind of damage to the animal.

It’s not about the rider, its about the horse! That’s why riders should not only think of themselves and their goal, but they must focus on the horse they’re riding and his welfare. Cruel behavior towards the horse should not be tolerated and its not alright for the horse to have a chain under the jaw or a noseband. We should not ignore the running martingale or the blood coming out of the horse’s mouth. Its unacceptable!

Please speak up about this problem and don’t let them happen in front of your eyes. After all, horses do deserve better treatment and respect by humans!

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