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Hillarious: Giant Shire Stallion Shows Off His Gentle Jumps!

Shires hold world records both for the largest horse and for the tallest horse. They weight about 850-110kg and they are tall which makes them pretty awesome. The one from the video below is a British breed of draft horse and it can be used for various purposes. Draft horses are great for pulling weight, but their amazing capacity can be also used in other works like forestry, riding, and commercials.

Danny, the beautiful Shire stallion from this video, has his own unique way of “honoring” a short white electric tape fence. For a moment you’ll think that he is going to get over the fence as he comes galloping all the way to the fence. But that’s not gonna happen because Danny knows what it is and he stops. It looks funny and what he does comes completely natural to him.

Can you imagine having in front of you a huge horse like this?! You’ll probably think that it is difficult for trainers and handlers to work with big horses like Danny, but believe us all of them are loving gentle giants. These horses have a kind and calm nature, although they are massive and very powerful.

We don’t know why he didn’t pass this fence or how come this measly string is enough to contain him?! However, it is great to see him showing off because he is magnificent and exceptional. Enjoy the video and go riding!

Video Credit: Sabine Hänfling from Germany “Our Show Shire Stallion, Danny.”

Posted by Horse Talk on Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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