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Friesian Stallion Puts The Crowd On Fire With His Majestic Trot! Incredible Video!

Friesian horses are good-looking and that’s how horse lovers manage to recognize them. With only one look at them, you’ll know that they are Friesian horses and it’s because of their majestic appearance. These horses remind us of how great are God’s creations and that we should be thankful for having them in our world. Prepare yourself to witness one of the greatest Friesian stallions and don’t miss the video below!

His name is Jasper 366 and in this video, he is performing handled by his trainer. He is considered to be the King of Friesian stallions as he shows so much power and wins the crowd from the moment he appears in the arena. Everything he does, he does it with ease and we can tell that lots of love is given to him.

He is well-trained and respected and that’s why he gives his best. Jasper 366 enjoys every second of his performance and we can only admire and wish we’ve had a horse like him. Just look at his confidence and joy while showing his best moves…we can’t say that this doesn’t look natural because Jasper is confident and he knows exactly what he is doing.

It is very obvious that there is trust between him and his handler and both of them shine throughout the entire performance. Jasper is focused and calmed while entertaining the crowd with his smooth movements. Find out more from the video below and go riding!

De keuring fan Jasper 366 set it WTC yn fjoer en flam. ▶ www.omropfryslan.nl/live

Posted by Omrop Fryslân on Saturday, January 14, 2017

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