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Bitless Dressage At Its Best – Incredible Performance!

The German Grand Prix Dressage rider Uta Graf got her first horse when she was 12-years-old. It was a great challenge for her and she progressed well in her riding. At age 18, Uta debuted at S-level competitions, but soon it was time for her to decide whether she will continue riding professionally or attend university. Finally, she decided to make horses her career, although initially, that was not her plan.

In 1999, Uta and her partner Stefan Schneider started living at their farm in Kirchheimbolanden, Germany. From then on, Uta started training and showing their horses through the levels of Grand Prix. The good thing was that Uta and Stefan have the common aim of developing good riding on motivated horses.

This incredible woman is well-known for her great job with horses and her outgoing nature. She is very positive and people admire her classical teaching and training style, and competitive accomplishments. In this great video, you’ll see Uta presenting bitless riding. She does a Grand Prix dressage without using a bit and that horse looks amazing.

He is a Holstein stallion called Le Noir and the two of them seems to have a strong relationship. Their performance looks flawless and there is no tension or pressure during this training. Le Noir is happy and Uta is satisfied with the well-done job. Enjoy the video!

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