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5-Day-Old Foal Imitating His Mother – Cute Moment Caught On Camera!

Baby horses are awesome and their cuteness is heart-melting. You’ll fall in love instantly with their funny behavior as they are always in the mood for fun and game. The one from the video below is following its mother around and repeating her steps. Roo is only 5-days-old, but he is curious about everything that comes in his way. All foals are on their feet few moments after they are born and the next thing you know they are running around their moms and having the time of their lives!

Foals like to explore and this little one is no exception. He is out with his mother and likes to learn everything that would help him react properly in certain situations. Trainers try to teach young horses everything they need to know, but they are learning the most important lessons from their moms and other horses. Through daily interaction, foals gain experience and that’s how they boost their knowledge and develop into mature horses.

Horses are intelligent animals and they learn by association. So, if an experience is made several times in a row, in the same way, the horse is able to make an association. Also, horses learn by imitation, especially baby horses. From the moment they are born, foals imitate their mothers and later they take examples from the other members of the herd. Find out more from the video below and go riding!

Roo is 5 days old and already becoming his mother🤦‍♀️ follow him on Instagram for more antics @roos.worldd😜

Posted by Pacuk Lacuk on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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