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Undercover Horse Cruelty: Behind The Scenes Of The Dancing Horse!

Animals deserve to be respected and treated with kindness. There is no excuse for animal cruelty and no goal can justify our improper actions towards innocent animals. Unfortunately, people feel that they have the right to do whatever they want with their horses and every horse trainer has a different approach. All of them have different techniques for training a horse and we can judge them by the things we see!


In the next video, you’ll see a dancing horse behind the scenes. In our opinion, this is a case of undercover horse cruelty and we would like to hear your thoughts. His movements don’t look natural at all, don’t you agree?! Sure there is something wrong…

We should always criticize those trainers that maltreat horses and are violent. Awareness must be raised and the horse community must do everything in its power to create normal conditions for these extraordinary animals. Also, we own our respect to those trainers who show love and understanding for horses and know how to deal with them. Find out more from the video!

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