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Horse Running Through The Stable With A Door In His Mouth! Unbelievable Video!

In the video footage beneath this text, you are about to see something unbelievable. However, what happened in that stable is completely true, although it looks strange. There is a reason behind every action and that’s how we can explain the causes and this horse clearly doesn’t like doors.

As you can see from the video, the gorgeous horse has been led by a stable worker in a stable full of horses. Suddenly, the horse has decided to do something unusual and that’s why everyone was surprised. The stable worker stopped for a second at a stall and got inside.

That’s when the horse grabbed the door with its teeth and started waving it back and forth. It was like he was on a mission and the stable workers could not stop him. That horse was strong and he popped out the door from its frame very easy.

With the door in his mouth, the horse started running back through the stable and he was knocking equipment down and shutting doors. He almost hit one horse when all of a sudden he spooked and stopped. From unknown reason, he did what he did and all we know is that sometimes horses act on their own mind. Find out more from the video below!

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