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Holy Roller – The World’s Biggest Racehorse!

Holy Roller is the world’s tallest racehorse which is 10 inches taller than the average thoroughbred. This horse is standing 18.1 hands high and weighs around 800kg- 300kg heavier than a normal horse.

So, without a doubt, Holy Roller is one of the biggest racehorses of all time! According to the owner, Roller’s mother was exhausted after giving birth to him and it was obvious that he was a big colt right from the start.

The vets didn’t have high hopes about Roller and they thought that he would not survive. He proved them wrong and under the supervision of Jack and Bob Ingham, Holy Roller started training.

Thanks to those two professional trainers and the care from his owner, the tallest horse successfully got on the racetrack. Everyone was surprised when Holy Roller’s racing career has started.

His jockey, Wayne Hawkes, declared that he could not see the other horses because Roller was so big, He had to stand up and look over his head to see the way. Have a look at the following pictures!

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