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Draft Horse Barrel Racing – One Of A Kind! Video Below!

Draft horses are not used for barrel racing, but there is always an exception. This is a very popular equine sport and in this video, you are about to see a part from the annual draft horse show at the 2013 Georgia National Fair in Perry. It is a rare occasion where draft horses participate in barrel racing. That’s why horse lovers enjoy in this draft horse show and We must state that the USA is well-known for barrel racing.

Every barrel racing horse has to train really hard in order to become part of this class. The USA is probably the only country that offers this kind of sport, but what people can’t understand is why draft horses are not done for this sport?! They don’t practice barrel racing and only this show is their only chance to show what a great barrel racers they can be.

This country gives them a chance to barrel race and they look unusual because we are used  watching fast and agile horses barrel racing. Sometimes those horses look really scary because they move with high speed, but you’ll change your impression after you see draft horses barrel racing.

Without a doubt, they are one of a kind and you’ll wish trying barrel racing at least once in your life. Although they are big and powerful, draft horses are not fast enough and they seem to enjoy every moment of the action. Go riding and enjoy the video!

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