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Behind The Scenes Of How Western Pleasure Horses Are Warmed Up!

Exhausted horses are something we have all seen and we know how they look. So, it is one thing how horses look when they are tired and it is totally different when they are miserable and make unnatural movements. That’s exactly what you are about to see in this video. These horses look defeated and that’s not how they are supposed to move.

Don’t you think that this is like one of those exposed hidden videos in the slaughter pens?! When you see what is happening it really breaks your heart as it is very harsh. Watching these horses suffer and these practices should be banned. We should not tolerate something like this and have you seen why one of those horses was corrected?

He was actually moving forward and not sideways. Also, he was cut off because he was tracking fairly straight and his “trainer” harshly disciplined him for it! This is how Western horses are warmed up and we have the obligation to stop this practice because horses can’t defend themselves.

Nobody knows what they are saying, although they have voices. However, it is enough to look at their expressionless faces without any sign of happiness. We need to be their voice and they need to be heard. Raise awareness and share this video!

@dodgegrrl: Today in the Congress schooling pen

The crabby canter/lope and the zero trot/jog is painful to watch from the side, but watching a horse be coerced into it is unbearable when you see the mechanics of this "western pleasure" from the front and rear perspective.

Posted by Susan M. Chrysler on Friday, October 16, 2015

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