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Horse Spooks Over White Donkey – Rider Shows Amazing Skills!

Many people love horses because of their incredible behavior. These animals are intelligent, calm, and playful creatures. If you show them love and care, they are able to do anything for you. Once you earn your horse’s trust you will enjoy in building your relationship with him. However, same as us these animals also have some bad moments and they easily spook. By the most random reasons horses can get scared and in those moments it is very hard to calm them down. That’s exactly what you are about to see in this video.

Everything was nice while a group of people were riding their horses along a road. They were passing beside a farm and enjoying a good ride when out of nowhere a white donkey appeared on the farm’s pasture. Something unexpected happened when the first horse saw the donkey… the horse spooked and started moving like crazy. He was making unexpected movements and the rider had to use all of his skills to keep things under control.

We must say that she did a great job and stayed on top of the horse trying to calm him down. None of the other horses spooked when they’ve approached the donkey, just the first one. There wasn’t anything wrong with the donkey and clearly, the problem was with the horse.

The rider wanted to check out again if her horse is going to react the same way when he sees the donkey. The second time he did not get scared but kept a distance from the donkey. Every rider should be prepared for the unpredictable because that’s how horses are. Video below…Go riding!

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