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Horse Doesn’t Want To Be Broke – Young Boy Knows How To Handle It! Video Below!

Bailey Barret from Ranger, Texas is a 15-years-old boy who bought his horse from a rodeo stock contractor. He liked the way that horse looked and his goal was to break him and use for a ranch horse. However, the horse has not made his mind up if he wants to be broke, but this boy was determined and proved that he can handle it!

Many boys at his age would probably listen and do what their dad is telling them to do, and Bailey is that kind of boy. He follows his dad and does exactly what he’s being told. It may appear to you that this is a wrong way to break a horse and that the use of spurs is abusive at this moment.

In our opinion that horse didn’t want to buck and every time he would quit bucking, he was being constantly jabbed in the sides until he was bucking again. If they rewarded the horse when he stops bucking, he would probably know that when he doesn’t buck he will get treats.

Also, some groundwork could have helped more with the horse creating a nice relationship with the boy. Moreover, through groundwork, you can show a horse that you are his friend with no intention of hurting him. Leave your comment below and take care of horses!

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