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Inspirational Text Dedicated To The Girls Who Build Their Lifes In A Horse Barn

Brandy Smith wrote a beautiful text inspired by all the girls who grew up in a horse barn. She proudly dedicated her impressions to all of them. To all the girls who had to get up early and feed the horses while watching the beautiful sunrise. To the girls who know how to take care for 1200-pound animals and treat them like their puppies. To the girls who know how to enjoy in the stilness of a cool morning, while listening the sound of horses munching hay.

Brandy celebrates all the girls who spend their summer in boots and T-shirts. The girls who learned how to drive a tractor, to back a trailer even much better than a guy can. The girls who share their love and food with horses, because those animals take care of them too. The girls who don’t mind to spend their days covered in dirt, hair, sweat and hay. The girls who grab a sendwich without washing their hands after cleaning the barn.

She was also inspired by the girls who’ve skipped teenage parties and barbecues because they had to attend a horse show. The girls who have choosen to go around without any make up, because what matters to them is the ove oftheir horse. The girls who have dedicated themselves to their horses and spended hours in a hay loft because they have to bring food to their pets.

Respect is also directed to the girls who don’t care what other people think while they walk around in cowboy boots and dirty T-shirts. To the girls who take their horses on swiming on a hot summer day. To the girls who stayed awake all night, because they had to keep on eye their sick horse. And to those girls who spend their nights in their horses stalls when necessary.

At the end of her text, Brandy Smith stood out loud for all the girls who build their lifes around their horses. For the girls who breathe when their horse breathes, who eat when their horse eats, who would change the world for the welfare of their horses without any regrets! Share this amazing text with other horse lovers who live for their horses.

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