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Horse Found Almost Dead In An Abondoned Horse Trailer

Shocking story about a horse left inside a horse trailer! Whoever did that should take responsibility, because it’s a terrible thing to abandon a animal like that. This case happened on June 2nd on the road between Roggen Colorado and Keenesburg Colorado.

People are now trying to raise money, which later will be offered as a reward for the person who will report those who are responsible for this case. The horse was left tied inside a wrecked horse trailer and left like that to die.

The owner of the horse said that, she did not know who would have taken her horse or who’s trailer was that. She believes that someone must have seen something, because the horse was boarded on the trailer behind the Roggen Elevator. Right now, the officers are looking for the owner of the horse trailer, hoping that it would lead them to the person who is responsible for this tragic event.

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