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Blind Horse Lily Adopted By Former “Daily Show” Host Jon Stewart!

John Stewart who is a former “Daily show” host has adopted a blind horse named Lily. He and his wife, Tracey, own an animal sanctuary in New Jersey and Lilly will be the new resident in shortly. After a press conference next Wednesday, she will be released from the Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, in Pennsylvania.

Lily had a lot of problems, starting from her underwent eye surgery. She lost one of her eyes and right after that she was sent to Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. There she was treated with a lot of care and gained a few pounds. Kelly Smith, the Omega’s director, shared that she is very glad that Lily now feels much better than before.

John and Tracey are starting a collaboration with an organization called “Farm Sanctuary”. These days their farm is known by the name “Bufflehead Farm” and will be a sanctuary and home for many horses, cows, pigs, sheeps and other animals that would be rescued in the future. Share this inspirational story with other horse lovers!

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