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Horse Lived In Woman’s Living Room – Council Takes Ownership!

This is a story about an old woman who kept her horse inside her house. She lives with him because she was forced to keep him in the horse. Stephanie Noble, the horse’s owner, and a qualified riding instructor shared that she has fallen out with the owner of the land where her pony previously grazed and she had to move the horse to her living room. She had no choice, although her neighbors claimed that it was cruel keeping the pony at home.

After the experts inspected the pony’s lodgings they decided that the pony is removed. The Western Isles Council has been embroiled in a four-year legal battle over the welfare of Grey Lady Too, the horse. They’ve spent around £10,000 on the animal’s upkeep which is five times what Ms. Noble paid for it. The Council has won the case and took the ownership. So, now they have the right to sell the animal or give it to charity.

The council’s concern in this matter has been the welfare of the animal and they are grateful for the courts’ decision. The council wanted to remove Grey Lady Too because of unsuitable stabling arrangements. On the other side, Ms. Noble considers this decision as a “torture” for her and she lives no more in the house. Take care of horses!

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