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Zero Tolerance For Horse Cruelty!!!

Horse cruelty should not be tolerated, and we should all get out of our comfort zone when we see something wrong. The industry must protect the animals, and they should not get away with their mistakes. Unfortunately, that happens all the time, and this time the problem is with the Tennessee walking horse show industry!

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is issuing a proposed rule, and that is good news. According to that rule, many changes should be made when it comes to the battle against the soring of Tennessee walking horses. That battle should end up, and the problem should be solved. It is a cruel practice that causes a lot of pain to horses, because those methods are injuring the horse’s front legs and hooves. Zero tolerance for that sort of cruelty!

Many horse owners and trainers think that they are the law, and they battle against veterinary organizations, and mainstream horse industry groups. There is corruption and cruelty within the industry, and that’s why undercover investigations has been conducted by the HSUS. It seems that nothing can break the cycle of cruelty when it comes to the “big lick.”

The Congress has tried to close this problem, with particular reforms. All the sectors that were affected by this issue supported the act which has been created, but somehow the obstructionist managed to block the act. A new rule has been formed, as we said before, and the battle goes on!

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