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An Open Letter To All Drivers! Raise Awareness!

Bad drivers on the road can scare you to death while riding your horse. Meg Worrell-Hart had a really terrible experience which she wanted to share so that everyone knows and raise awareness together. She even stopped trail riding for a while because she was too scared to do that. Meg posted an open letter to all drivers on Facebook after she’s been hit by a car while riding her horse.

Her letter was addressed to all drivers on the day of the tragedy. Her worst nightmare happened that day after a lovely hack. As she was approaching her home she heard a car coming from behind far too fast and Meg signaled the driver to slow down. But he didn’t and Dave, her horse, spooked and reared up. She and Dave didn’t have a chance to avoid the car because it was far too close and coming far too fast… When the car hit them, Meg was thrown over the top of the car and Dave took off for home. She landed on the road and both of them were sore and shaken up as the car hit them roughly 45mph!

She doubts that the two of them will ever hack again because what happened to them is more than a physical pain. With her letter, she wanted to remind every driver of how important is to pass horses wide and slow. Every horse is part of someone’s life and we need these animals every day. When you see a horse and a rider on the road remember that they are real people and animals who feel fear and pain, and they deserve your respect. So, slow down for a moment or people are going to die. Raise awareness!

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