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You Never Know What’s Next While You Are Riding A Horse!

When you ride horses be prepared for a surprise, because unpredictable things happen all the time. Things can change in a second, and not always everything goes according to the plan. That’s exactly what has happened to the rider and his gray horse from the video footage beneath this text. They’ve probably trained a lot, but all of a sudden the horse refused at a fence. The rider didn’t manage to stay on the horse and fell off!

A chaos began in the show ring the moment the horse lost his bridle. He took off galloping and things went out of control. Clearly, the horse didn’t want to stay in the ring and luckily he didn’t run into anyone. It wasn’t easy to catch him and that process is always challenging. At first you must be sure that he is calmed, then steer him up into a safer area and finally approach him.

You need to react immediately, if a horse bolts with you on him. You must slow down and take over control, if you are riding a runaway horse. Remember those rules. You can use a pulley rein while slowing down the horse and there is a certain technique that you must know. Enjoy the video!

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