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Should Fat People Ride Horses?!

To be able to ride a horse doesn’t mean that you have to be skinny and that being fat makes you incapable of riding a horse. If you want to be part of the horse community the image of your body should not reflect on your wish and love. When you have a “fat girl on horse issue” all you need is an awareness and a connection with yourself!

You should concentrate on the horse except on yourself because both you and the horse are important while riding. A fat girl remembers her start as a rider and how her trainer said to her that she didn’t look good on a horse. People were talking behind her back and she heard them saying that they feel sorry for the horse she’s riding.

She didn’t want to give up, so she has done a research and revealed that a 1000 pounds horse can carry 200 to 250 pounds. That gave her the motive to continue doing what she loved the most and she dedicates most of her time to big-boned breeds like Gypsy Horses. The weight of the rider is not a big deal, according to many studies.

What matters the most is the rider’s balance and fitness. In order to function properly, both rider and horse should be in a perfect condition. If you are a good rider your body weight doesn’t change a lot. Your legs have to be strong enough and you should be able to post around an arena more than 5 minutes. So, you should keep on riding and those who judge you should be ashamed of themselves. Raise awareness!

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