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Racehorse? Not Anymore. This Horse Wants to Be an Eventer!

This Thoroughbred horse obviously doesn’t want to be a racehorse anymore, instead, he wants to be an eventer. He can hear the fields calling his name and he is probably having one of those bad days when you don’t want to do anything…

He wanted to gallop through wide-open grass fields and had no interest about running in circles around the track. That’s why he took off without his jockey and decided to make his dream of becoming an eventer a reality!

The incredible horse found the golf course next to the racecourse and went for a jaunt. Those people did the best they could to catch the runaway horse which is not an easy task. Being on horseback doesn’t make it that much simpler, either, and the racehorse just galloped around them, creating some lovely divots that golfers probably won’t be thrilled about. Sometimes trying out a different discipline may reveal a horse’s true talents and some horses may need a career change. That’s what this horse is telling us!

Brewin Dolphin Handicap Hurdle

Planet Nine decided he didn't want to run in the 3.35 after all and promptly left for our neighboring golf course

Posted by Kelso Racecourse on Thursday, February 15, 2018

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