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Playful Horse Found Himself In The Middle Of A Pack Of Wolves… Beautiful Video!

Only thinking about a pack of wolves terrifies us, and how about being in the middle of a pack that’s hungry?! The horse that you are going to watch in this video doesn’t have a problem with that and as you can see he is standing between the hungry wolves and feeding on the little vegetation.

This amazing creature seemed not to mind a little bit about them and what happened next was really strange. Instead of grouping and attack, the wolves just stood there watching the intruder strolling around. When the horse walked the way they were in, the wolves just moved out of his way. Probably they’ve considered this big animal a real threat an were waiting to see how it would react.

Maybe they were just considering a plan of action, who knows?! The horse even started playing in the snow like a little puppy while the wolves just stood there and watched him having a good time. However, they realized that the horse was no threat and we must admit that even in the wild animals can surprise us. The horse’s self-defense strategy proved us that no fear is too great to overcome. Video below!

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