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Intelligent And Talented Donkey Performing In The Dressage Discipline!

Horses are highly trainable animals and thanks to that they can put amazing performances in many disciplines. We’ve been enjoying them for years and they keep on surprising us with their extraordinary abilities and will to please us. It is an amazing experience to watch horse performances and they are nothing short of sensational. But, wait until you hear this story…

Carlos Roman is a Spanish horse trainer who got a donkey as a gift and decided to train him. Caramello the donkey proved everyone that they are wrong about donkeys. His dressage skills have changed everyone’s opinion very soon after Carlos started training him in the Dressage discipline. All of his efforts have paid off and he proved that donkeys are not only for work.

In this video, you can see Caramello’s amazing performance. He got a recognition from the crowd for his great display and showed them that he is an intelligent animal. Horse trainers know how hard is to train a horse for Dressage and that’s why Carlos needs to get a lot of credit.

He has proved that if you care for these animals they can do amazing things. Donkeys are not just labor animals. Enjoy the video and share your opinions!

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