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The House Appropriations Committee Has Voted For Horse Slaughter!

Horse slaughter has been legalized, after the House Appropriations Committee has voted with 27 votes against and 25 for the amendment, in Washington D.C. According to the amendment, funding for horse slaughter inspectors should be banned. With this kind of voting we get more real picture about horse slaughter, which has been banned in the USA ever since 2007!

The amendment has failed because of Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, who in 2014 has voted for banning and now he changed his vote, and voted against. So, he was one of the key votes that has changed the direction of the amendment. He talked to the reporters and shared his opinion, saying that those horses would end up to a foreign market which might be crueler, if they were not dealt with in USDA certified and inspected facilities. Like he said, they work only for the best interest of the horses.

On the other side, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that, they should not do something that most of the Americans don’t agree with. Slaughtering horses is not the solution that would put in control their population and there would be a lot of arguing about it.

The House still has to have a look at the Department of Agriculture spending bill, and that means that things are not final yet. Those who are against horse slaughter hope for the best outcome!

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