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Behind Closed Doors In The Stable At Elviss Graceland!

Horse lovers will enjoy while watching the video footage beneath this text where the story about Elvis Presley’s love of horses is shared. You will get a chance to met all the King’s horses and to look behind closed doors in the stable at Graceland!

People love to come and visit Memphis every year. Taking a tour at Elvis’s home is a wonderful experience and thousands of fans are eager to see the place which was the sweetest escape for the King.

His pastures and the beautiful horses he owned offered him escape when he could not take the pressure of fame.

He loved his home, but after his death, no one took care of his animals and they were neglected. Thanks to Alene Alexander who became the stable manager, the horses got back in shape and they even got four new horses.

Find out more from the video beneath this text!

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