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Hurtful, Dangerous, Hard, And Funny Horse Kicks!

Handling a horse that kicks is almost impossibleif you don’t have enough experience moreover, it is dangerous and risky. You can be hurt even if your horse is merely kicking at a biting fly, try not to get in the way.

It is a bad habit of kicking that some horses develop and they become a threat on the ground or while you are riding. Most horses kick for defense because it is not in their nature to attack. If they feel danger, they attack and there must be a good reason for that.

However, the horse kicks are powerful and if those kicks are for defense the situation will be a lot more dangerous. If in defense mode the kicks will be directed towards somebody or at another animal! An experienced horse handler, owner or trainer is able to read the horses’ body language.

Understanding and speaking their language will help you avoid the risk of being kicked, hurt or injured. Remember that, lack of knowledge is a dangerous thing when being around horses. In the video footage beneath this text, you will have an opportunity to watch numerous terrifying horse kicks. This is how horses respond to threats. Watch the video!

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