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Check Out These Unique Horses With Beautiful Coats!

It is a well-known fact that horses are strong, beautiful and majestic creatures. Many people love to own and breed horses and that’s not a surprise. All horse colors are actually built on one of only two base colors and most of you probably did not know that. In this article, we would like to discuss several horses that have unique and beautiful coats and you can see them in the pictures below!

1. Da Vinci

This horse has a unique pattern on its coat and that’s how it got its name. It is probably the only horse with a white shadow.

2. The Golden Statue

This is the Golden Akhal Teke also known as the world’s most beautiful horse.

3. The Dalmatian

In this picture, you can see a Friesian/Appaloosa Crossbreed. This wonderful spotted horse is sometimes called the Leopard Appaloosa.

4. The Spotted Pair

A beautiful Knabstrupper horse with warm brown spots that go nicely with its cream coat.

5. The Rugged Cowboy

This horse has a weathered, unpolished, seasoned look. It looks like this blue roan has battled out with nature and now is telling his story.

6. The Silver Fox

Many people claim that this beautiful silver buckskin Akhal Teke doesn’t exist and that it’s photoshopped. It’s because this horse is a rare color.

7. Fabio

This Icelandic horse perfectly fits for a cheesy romance novel cover. It has a thick double coat that keep him warm in cold temperatures.

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