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Young Rider Lost Control Over Her Pony!

Everyone faces a big challenge while trying to learn to ride a horse because this sport is not an easy thing to do. It is normal to fall from the horse and that’s something that every rider has gone through. Just remember to give your best when you get on the back of a horse, it is a new experience and as you learn new things progress will start to show up!


In the video footage beneath this text, you will see a young rider experiencing bucking and bolting during a competition. Amber the girl is a beginner and her pony Simon is also inexperienced without enough training. She does a great job and manages to stay on the horse.

In a few seconds, Simon started to bolt and she tried to dismount which didn’t go as she planned…she fell off from the horse. The people from the audience were scared for her, but fortunately, nothing bad happened and she wasn’t injured.

Amber and Simon have gone through so much together, but maybe they are not the perfect combination. As she said, this was not a big deal because she has gone through worse bucks and bolts. She and Simon have a great relationship but they need more time to develop and become better. It takes patience and lots of work and Amber and Simon are ready for the challenge. Video below!

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