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Shocking Result Came Out of a Horse’s Leg Wound!

The horse from the following story was lucky to have someone who’s been taking a good care of him. His owners have noticed that something strange was going on with their horse’s right front leg. It was a wound, so at first they’ve cleaned it good and waited to see what will happen. Luckily the wound healed and the horse recovered very quick after the medical treatment.

Shortly after that, they did some x-rays and something unexpected occurred! Inside of the horse’s leg there has been a foreign body and the medical team has decided to open up the wound.

What happened next was a big shock for the medical team! After sedating the horse and starting the procedure by opening up the wound, they’ve found something upsetting. There were so many thriving bot eggs inside that part of the horse’s front leg and they had to clean them up right away!

At the end of the operation they wrapped his leg and let him to recover. Shocking results, we must say! It all started from one superficial wound, then a lump and look at the final examination results. The horse is now doing great without any further complications.

Cool case! This Horse was presented to us with a pliable lump on the inside of his right from leg. The history given…

Posted by CK Mobile Equine Services on Tuesday, October 11, 2016

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