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Horse Spooked – Talented Jockey Shows Tremendous Athleticism!

It’s in the horses’ nature to easily spook and they can do nothing to control or stop that. It is as it is, and that’s why horse riders must know that horses mostly spook when they are scared.

Also, there are other reasons that provoke this natural reaction such as uncomfortable saddle, physical pain and more. Not all horses are reactive, sensitive and insecure- some are more and some are less reactive.

Another interesting reason why horses spook is when they don’t trust the rider. In that situation, they only want to keep the rider away. The horse from this video spooked, but not because he didn’t trust his rider. It was a terrible accident which scared everyone.

The jockey was getting ready for the race and everything looked normal. As he was mounting the horse, the animal spooked all of a sudden. He was scared by a crab and startled and leaped high into the air. It was a high jump and luckily the jockey showed a tremendous athleticism.

He landed on its feet and everyone was able to see how talented he is. He settled and mount the horse proving that equestrians are real athletes. Video below!

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