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Hilarious Little Donkey Pretending To Be A Racehorse! Video Below!

Donkeys are different from horses although they are one of the best companions for horses. In comparison with horses, donkeys have specific health requirements and a distinctive nature. Many factors determine if a donkey is an appropriate companion choice for your horse.

However, the donkey from the video footage beneath this text pretends to be a racehorse and without a doubt, he thinks highly of himself. We bet that he doesn’t give up easily in races!

This donkey is very sweet and he hopes that one day he will participate and win a race in the company of real racehorses. Clearly, he enjoys in the company of those horses and doesn’t mind standing among them. He looks confident, although he is a bit overweight and needs exercise.

He believes that he will succeed and nothing can change his opinion. When he comes at full speed he is going to make a real mess, so be aware of the race donkey! Enjoy the video.

Saw this on the backside this morning, and it made me grin.

Posted by Jeb Loney on Saturday, December 31, 2016

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