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Western Pleasure Video From Quarter Horse Congress Has The Internet Outraged

Western Pleasure has always been controversial and this industry has been under investigation because of the way the stallions go. What is Western Pleasure? It’s a competition where horses are showing their gait cadence and slow speed of gait, while being calm and smooth. The smoother the horse is, the more comfortable he is for a ride.

The most competitive horses during this shows are the once that are quiet, have soft gaits and controllable movement. However, as we said at the beginning, there has been a debate whether Western Pleasure is good or bad for those stallions. For example, check out the video below and see what has happened during All American Quarter Horse Congress in 2011!

Abigail Eaves was showing his horse The Only Kiss To Envy during that competition at the Novice Youth Western Pleasure class.

After this video has gone viral, horse people from all around the world expressed their negative critics, saying that it has been outrageous! They were shocked and all kinds of comments flew around the social media.

Most of them were saying that the western style makes horses look miserable and that the judges must change their point of view and do their job.

AQHA rules say that the poll of the horse is suppose to be in line with the withers, but it seems that no one bothers around the rules.

So, where is the improvement?! No one cares for the welfare of the horses during this competition, we must admit.

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