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This Is What Every Gaited Owner Dreams Of!

This amazing 5-year-old Tennessee walking horse started training in 2014. In about 6 weeks he went from pacing all the time to gaiting super fast. The owner clocked him going 12.5 MPH at top speed and that’s what every gaited owner dreams of!

It must be incredible and exciting to be around a horse like this. We can only imagine how fun it is to ride him… There is nothing more important than the bond between rider and horse. Every horse owner must love his horse for what it is. Don’t expect anything from your horse and just love him, believe us he will give you everything.

This Tennessee Walking horse can feel the love coming from his owner and that’s why he feels free and agile in his movements. It is so wonderful to watch this amazing video. The horse is awesome and his owner is inspiring. Enjoy!

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