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A Dream Come True 78,000 Square Feet Horse Barn!

Horse lovers like to keep their horses in the most comfortable surroundings and are ready to spend a fortune just to provide their horses a decent environment. There is nothing wrong with that, any barn should have a place where to keep the hay dry and an adequate shelter for the horse. A coffee maker is a good idea and it won’t be difficult to find a place in the barn where you can put one. This is how you will have everything you need in a barn, but wait until you see America’s largest horse barn!

In the video footage beneath this text, you’ll see a stunning 78,000 square feet barn and here are the specifications of the largest barn in the US:

  • 78,000 sqft (entire building), 62,267 sqft (horse barn area);
  • 130 stalls, 10 tack rooms;
  • Equine Veterinarian Area & Custom Aquatrainer Equestrian aquatic rehab treadmill and cold soak therapy area; 
  • 2 commercial grade laundry rooms and 2 feed storage rooms;
  • 4 Interior Wash-Tack stalls and 8 exterior wash stalls;
  • 4,800 sqft Central Courtyard with Banyan trees;
  • Eastern White Pine Timber Frame Trusses. 

Attached functions:

1- South Wing

2- Private Owner’s Suite Guest and Entertaining Areas

3- Guest and entertaining areas Catering kitchen

4- Catering kitchenArgentine Asado Grilling Area 

5- Argentine Asado Grilling AreaThree Sided Fireplace

6- Three Sided FireplaceWine room

North Wing

# Three bedroom “Pro’s” Living Quarters

# 1,300 sqft gym with physical therapy room

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