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Horse Sold For $16 Million At Public Auction!

In all of sports the equestrian world has always been the most lucrative and competitive. It’s because horses can bring a lot of money to people, starting from horse racing and show jumping to rodeo and dressage. Also, breeding horses is a gainful business venture and if you don’t believe that horse industry is so profitable, have a look at the most expensive horses in the world. Always have on mind that royalties and billionaires are involved and have interest in horse sports! In the following text we’ll give you a list of the most expensive horses ever sold.

PLAVIUS – $ 9.2 Million. It was owned by the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and bought by Godolphin Racing. In spite his high prize, this horse didn’t lived up to the expectations. In his last outing he finished 13th.

JALIL – $ 9.7 Million. Soled to Godolphin Racing, this American Thoroughbred wasn’t that kind of disappointment as Plavius. Jalil managed to win the Maktoum Challenge Stakes.

SNAAFI DANCER – $ 10.2 Million. He was a descendant of Northern Dancer and a breeding company owned by the Emir of Dubai believed that Snaafi Dancer would be an extraordinary race horse. Unfortunately, he has never experienced the race track, because he was to slow for that.

MEYDAN CITY – $ 11.7 Million. Also both by the Emir of Dubai and same as the horses we’ve already mentioned, Meydan City has continued the trend of highly expensive and a big disappointment horse. In his career he has earned only $1360.

SEATTLE DANCER – $ 13.1 Million. Big things have been expected from this Irish Stallion because of his lineage. But, he has won only two races and had a modest racing career.

PALLOUBET D’HALONG – $ 15 Million. The Dutch Olympic Gold Medalist, Jan Tops, bought this gorgeous horse, who’s considered to be the best horse jumping talent in the horse world. Tops bought this horse to compete for Qatar.

THE GREEN MONKEY – $ 16 Million. This is the most expensive Thoroughbred horse ever sold at public auction. Big things were expected from him, because he was a descendant of Northern Dancer, same as Snaafi Dancer. He was retired after three races, because he was a failure as a racer. He will be always remembered as one of the largest and most expensive busts! In the following video you can have a look at the auction where he was sold.

TOTILAS – $ 21 Million. He was the most extraordinary dressage horse ever and the only Dressage horse who has scored above 90 points in a competition. During his career he has broken many records, but since he was sold to German ownership in 2011, something went down for Totilas. Everything has changed for this gorgeous champion and his success was not the same anymore. He was injured and allegations of animal abuse and cruelty occurred.

SHAREEF DANCER – $ 40 Million. This horse had a great success as a breeding horse and as a racehorse he was also had many positive moments. As a sire he ad a very lucrative career.

FUSAICHI PEGASUS – $ 70 Million. This significant racehorse has finished his career with nine starts, six wins and two losses, winning $1,994,400! Since Shareet Dancer, Fusaichi Pegasus has been the most suitable horse for breeding. He was bought by the world’s largest thoroughbred breeding operation- Irish breeder Coolmore Stud. But things didn’t turn out well and he was a disappointment as a breeding horse. These days, he resides in Kentucky.

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