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Horse Shows Who Is The “Real Boss” And Upstages The Actor!

Horses are funny, smart, and playful and there are lots of videos where you can see hilarious horse situations. Another interesting thing about horses is that they love to be in the center of attention. They are able to do anything from falling to the ground or acting dead, just to get some attention- never underestimate their intelligence!

In the video footage beneath this text, you will see one of those horses which wants everything to be about him. He tries so hard to get the attention of the actor and at first, he plays with the actor’s ear. As you can see, the actor doesn’t react on that and stays cool. Then, the horse tried to take off the actor’s hat and at that point, those men could not keep their laugh inside. So, the horse got what he wanted- attention.

They burst into a laugh and clearly, that horse liked the actor. You should not be surprised by this funny and smart horse behavior because it happens very often and horses are friendly animals. Enjoy the video!

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