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Hidalgo: The Spanish Mustang That Could Survive The Arabian Desert

In Frank T. Hopkins autobiography you will have the opportunity to read about Hidalgo, the  Spanish Mustang that he owned. This man has won many races riding Hidalgo and also took part in the Ocean of fire.

In the video footage beneath this text, you can see scenes from the movie “Hidalgo” based on the mentioned book. Interesting fact about Hidalgo is that he was the first non-Arabic horse who took part in the Ocean of Fire. Spanish Mustangs are rare horses and Hidalgo was one of them.

The truth is that there was a need to preserve this breed which also was an important part of America’s history. The Spanish colonies brought these horses in 1590 and used them for labor after they’ve conquered the tribes.

The tribes were never satisfied with the Spanish regiment. They became excellent horsemen, revolted and escaped with the horses. So, now you know why Spanish Mstangs are a big part of America’s history- they helped the tribes to develop! Enjoy the video.

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