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Bucked Off – Strong Man Thrown From Saddle! Video Below!

Mark is a great horse lover and he was really taking care of his new horse. Clearly, he loves that gorgeous horse but he is getting nothing in return. His horse bucked off and throw Mark from the saddle and it is a well-known fact that draft horses are the best and calmest riding horses.

However, something is wrong and that horse didn’t react that way without a reason! He looks distressed and you take a closer look you’ll see the horse’s lips stretched. Mark is pulling on the horse’s mouth and the reins are in a straight line. There is no slack in there and the horse seems to be getting constant pressure on his mouth.

The hardness of the bit would determine how much pain it causes… This beautiful horse could not stand the pain anymore and this is his natural reaction. He does not deserve to suffer and just look at his ears! They were pinned and his tail was very active which means that he is distressed and scared.

Horse owners must learn how to read the horses’ body language. Communication is very important for each relationship, even with horses. Video below!

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