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Animal Cruelty Charges Are Expected After 63 Horses Were Seized!

63 horses have been seized from farm owned by an elderly couple in Penrose, Colorado. Penny Gingerich, the owner of the horses, shared that the whole thing was outrageous! According to her, her neighbor thinks that her horses are not receiving the proper care and because of that he reported her.

The seizure has been conducted by the Fremont County Sheriff department. Dumb League Animal Friends and Colorado Humane Society have also offered some help during the process. Gingerich keeps on saying that her horses are not neglected and should not be seized.


According to her veterinarian, Penny’s horses are under good care and he claims that they are all healthy and strong. The owner of the feed store also said some good things about Penny, which is another evidence that’s on her side. As he shared, Penny was regularly buying grain and hay from his store. The equine dentist also talked about her and her hard work around those horses. He claimed that she takes a lot of care for her animals.

As Penny said, the seizure has been provoked by the poor look of her 10 elderly horses. Those horses are old, she said, and they have some difficulties with maintaining their body weight. Now, Penny has to pay $23 000 bill or she will lose the ownership- no formal charges have been filed against her.

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