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Yakutian Horses That Never Freeze In Siberia! Incredible Video!

The world needs to know the Yakut horse and that’s the reason why we wanted to share this video with horse lovers in the first place. In reality, it is not true that horses in Siberia are used only to satisfy people’s ambitions… people from distant Yakut villages live in severe climate forces and they don’t have modern conveniences, so they are forced to use animals. That is real life in Siberia, not an ambition!

Hardy horses like the Yakut horses are very important for people’s survival. They depend on these horses for the provision of food- milk, and meat. Yakut horses have thick hair which helps them to endure the extreme cold and to survive. They are capable to find food on their own and they are very smart while doing that.

Their breeders live in small wooden huts and where the temperatures are extremely cold- low temperatures below -60C. Thanks to their thick fur and layers of fat, these horses are able of retaining heat. Enjoy the video below!

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