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Majestic Marwari Horse – Rare Breed! Incredible Video!

This is what we call trail riding and probably everybody’s dream. Manu Sharma rides his horse Mangal Veer who is really polite and obedient to his owner. We could say that he is a real gentleman and aware of his qualities.

He is proud and gentle, and clearly, he loves what he does. There is no constraint or imposition on the horse, which means that the bond they have is one of a kind.

Going for a ride on that trail is Mangal Veer’s favorite thing and we must admit that he is a real Marwari horse. He enjoys every bit of its riding, he is always alert and full of energy!

His rider is also talented and with great riding skills. Everything goes smoothly and Manu Sharma doesn’t impose on the horse to do anything. The way he rides and treats the horse make him a real horseman. Enjoy the video!

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