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Is Trailering Horses With The Windows Open Safe?

Is trailering horses with windows open safe or not? We believe that there are different opinions about this question and though most of the people think that it is safe and normal, the opposite side thinks that it is not fine and safe!

The video footage beneath this text has been filmed by a man who his noticed horses with their heads out of the trailers’ windows while driving down the road. In his opinion it is not safe to trailer horses like that and he mentions few reasons. A rock, pebble, cup, piece of wood or similar objects can easily poke an eye, chip a tooth, cause cuts and other injuries to your horse at 55 MPH.

Those things will cause pain to your horse which will make him jump, spook, rear up, kick another horse, fall down, and hurt himself more. So, there are many risks and you should not take the chance with your horse and him in a position where he has no choice. It is irresponsible to put him in that kind of situation and make him pay for your bad decisions. Take proper measures and don’t allow your horses to get hurt!

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