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Entertainment Is Less Important Than The Horses’ Health! Bad Reining Accident!

Steve Howe and his horse Spinning Jack had a terrible accident after the horse stumbled in the sand during their reining performance. As you can see from the video footage beneath this text, both of them had a complete forward roll but luckily, the consequences were not as terrible as their accident looked (minor injuries).

Guiding the horse through a pattern of circles, spins, and stops is what they call reining discipline. It is exciting and requires a lot of skills but there are always problems.

The most injuries to horses have been caused by the riding activity and that’s the biggest issue with reining. This discipline requires the horse to do unnatural movements and that’s what causing pressure on horse’s legs.

He has to make quick turns, changes of speed and a lot more, and in order to achieve that they are pushed to their limits. Reining horses train a lot and the pressure is tremendous!

Spinnin Jack’s legs were bandaged and he looked very tired which lead us to one conclusion: he was not in a condition to perform. Probably he was injured during his training and he was not supposed to compete. Watch the video!

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