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31 Horses In New York Slowly Poisoned And Dying In A Boarding Barn!

Watching your horses dying is not an easy thing to cope with but it happens. A boarding barn in Cuba, New York, has faced with a big tragedy- 31 horses have been slowly poisoned. Allegedly, their feed has been poisoned and three of their horses passed away because of that.

Other three horses got very sick and had to be euthanize. They suspect on monensin which is highly toxic to horses. That ionophore antibiotic is used in feed for pigs, chickens, etc. Symptoms of monensin poisoning include: diarrhea, depression, poor appetite, sweating, colic, rapid heart rate, sudden deat.

According to Tonya Cooper, all their horses were affected because it only takes an “M&M”- sized grain to kill a horse. Due to the feed contamination their horses are experiencing a slow and painful death. Everyone is heartbroken and they help and take care of the poor horses as much as they can.

It is a long and hard battle because everyday they have to say goodbye to different horse. Reisdorf Brothers in North Java, New York is the place from where they’ve bought the feed. That local feed manufacturer has declined to respond to the allegations.

However, the feed was tested and the results showed monencin in the grain. Always make sure that you buy the horses’ feed from monensin-free facilities. You never know what you’re gonna get!

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