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What Western Pleasure Horses Looked Like 26 Years Ago! Video Below!

This is how Western Pleasure horses looked like 26 years ago and it is good to make a comparison because the issue of western pleasure is quite evident. We have to and we can bring western pleasure back because there has been a lot of controversy and discussion over that issue.

An Awesome Mister is the name of the gorgeous horse that you are going to see in the video footage beneath this text. It was filmed in 1992 and we must admit that An Awesome Mister was a magnificent horse. He would be winning the WP world if he was still competing because he was a true class horse who is living on through his bloodline.

Most horse lovers will probably agree that this is how western pleasure horses should move, he is balanced and it must have been fun to ride him because its lope is so fluid.

The most important thing is that he looks happy and everything about him functions in perfect harmony. Share your opinion on this issue!

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