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RIP Clifton Lush – A True Legend Of The Horse World

Here you can see the beautiful Clifton Lush, a true legend, who unfortunately finished his retirement very early. He was ridden by Jock Paget most of the times- they competed together at Badminton Horse Trials 2013 and at the Olympics in Rio. At Luhmühlen and Pau four-star events Lush was ridden by Joe Meyer.

Sadly, Clifton Lush, the gorgeous 18-year-old chestnut gelding, had to be euthanized after he suffered some severe injury. Jock wrote a very moving tribute for this loving horse, who he respected the most. It has been really hard for him to say goodbye to his good friend Lush.


As he said, Lush loved to play around his paddock and that’s how he got the injury. His condition got very serious because of that and he could not have a comfortable retirement!

To him, Clifton Lush has been a legend, a horse with great heart and a warrior who loved his job. He feels sorry about Lush’s owners and send condolences to them.

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