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Man Kills Horse With Axe

Outrageous incident has devastated people from the horse world. Carl Miller got upset by his horse and decided to end up with that animal. This man must have had some serious personal issues, because to kill a horse with an axe is just monstrous! As he told the Police, his horse was causing troubles for a long time and he just could not bare that anymore.

For some period his horse was crossing into his neighbor’s yard and during that process he was damaging the fence. Though he has tried to keep him away from that area, the horse kept on doing the same thing.

Miller’s daughter said that her father doesn’t own a gun and the axe was the only thing close to him when he decided to kill his naughty horse. As she said, her father wanted to stop the horse from causing damage and that’s why he split the horse’s head with an axe!

She said that she’s been shocked by the incident, because she doesn’t support cruelty or violence. But according to her, we must take a look at both sides. Her father has been raised like that and his generation always got rid of things that don’t fit.

Miller has been accused for second degree animal cruelty and he has to answer to the charges in court, on August 9th.

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