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BLOOPER: CBC Reporter Gets Thrown From Horse! Video Below!

Rusty is a willing and honest horse, despite the fact that he is blind in one eye. Stu Mills, a CBC Ottawa reporter, has never ridden a horse before and he had trouble with Rusty when he tried to get on its back.

He wanted to record a promo but Rusty throw him on the ground! The horse backed up because the reporter was holding hard to the bits and the camera was in his face. All in all, the surroundings made Rusty react not in the way Mills wanted.

Horses don’t like when a stranger gets on them and without previous groundwork the possibility to be thrown away is very big. People are sometimes stubborn and want to try everything, and those who don’t understand the horses’ nature put their lives at risk.

It is dangerous to play around horses and if you don’t understand or speak their language please don’t attempt anything without professional support. When horses don’t feel comfortable, they become nervous and act in their own way. Find out more from the video!

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