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Angry Lion Attacks Tourists During Horseback Safari

Everything went upside-down on a perfect day on safari when a lion attacked tourists, and you can see of what are we talking about from this video filmed with GoPro Cameras.

That rider found himself on the ground face to face with a lion and it was a horrible moment to be filmed! The group of tourists was on a horseback safari in Botswana and suddenly the guide noticed the male lion emerging from behind a mound.

Eli, the man who filmed this video plummed from his steed because his horse was spooked. He was in big danger and the group was aware of that. One moment it was a nice relaxing ride and the next moment… “Lion!”

Luckily, Eli was able to return safely to the group, because he wasn’t the lunch that lion wanted. This is how a lion attacks humans on horseback and this video must be shared!

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